Dr. D.R. Mishra, Sr. Scientist, I.I.P.R, Kanpur delivers lecture on Developments in ICT in India at Amity School of Engineering & Technology

The Guest Lecture on Developments in ICT in India was organized by Amity CSI Student Branch, Amity School of Engineering and Technology on October 17, 2013.


The lecture was organized to expose the students of B.Tech & M.Tech programme to the Developments in ICT in India. The faculty members from Department of Information Technology also attended the lecture.

The speaker for the lecture was Dr. D.R. Mishra, Sr. Scientist, I.I.P.R, Kanpur. The lecture covered various issues and pilot projects going on in various states of the country for the rural development. The main topics discussed during the lecture are given below. 

Ø  Specific ICT applications

Ø  Use of ICT for developments

Ø  National ICT strategies


Ø  Limitation of ICT

Ø  Demonstrated opportunities from pilot projects

Ø  Learnings from successful cases 

The speaker deliberated and highlighted the following:

Ø  Today Urban & Semi Urban areas are blessed with different modes of media which has virtually changed their lifestyle.

Ø  In the rural areas, various successful e-governance initiatives and many ICT projects for development are giving hope to abolish the digital divide in India.

Ø  Many technologies are developed for the literate class but we need to build technologies for the masses.

Ø  Need location-specific content generation and digitization, integration of research extension and IT technology solution providers, blending ICTs with traditional methods, continuous innovation & refinement need to be followed with commitment and accountability.

The students interacted with the speaker about the upcoming ICT methods and the most interactive student was rewarded with a gift hamper from Amity CSI Student Branch. The session ended with a presentation of a memento to our speaker Dr. D. R. Mishra as a token of gratitude by Ms. Nitasha Hasteer, Acting Head, Department of Information Technology.

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