Amity School of Languages (ASL) organised CINEFEEL Film Show

Amity School of Languages(ASL) has screened on 25.10.2013 a Spanish film  Volver directed by Pedro Almodóvar, the leader of surrealistic avant-garde films. The lead  actress was the talented and pretty Penélope Cruz. With this ASL launched its tenth Cinéfeel projection.
The film projected women empowerment as against the traditional patriarchal society. Importance has been given to women characters.All the women portrayed in the film took up law in their hand and tried to find an answer to the injustice meted out to them. Pedro Almodover presented a classic Spanish movie that will take time to forget.

The venue of the show was :Auditorium ,Block A.There was a huge turn out of AUR students reaching up to more than 450. 

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