“Gas Turbine Technology offers a lot of scope to Engineers” shared Industry Professions during a Seminar at Amity

Amity School of Engineering & Technology, under the aegis of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers )Amity student section, organized a day long National Seminar on “Gas Turbine Technology” at University Campus, Sector- 125, Noida.


The seminar aimed to provide a common platform for the industry personnel and academicians from esteemed organizations to share their knowledgeon recent developments and future prospects of GAS TURBINE TECHNOLOGY


American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a not for profit International Organization that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, skill developments in all Engineering disciplines. Its vision is to be the essential resource for mechanical engineers and other technical professionals throughout the world for solutions that benefit humankind.


Mr. Madhukar Sharma- President, ASME, Mr. Hemant Gajjar, Head,Energy Department, Steag; Prof.(Dr.) Balvinder Shukla- Vice Chancellor, Amity University; Prof. (Dr.) RaviPrakash-Dean, Engineering and Technology, Amity University and Prof. (Dr.) K.M.Soni- Officiating Head, Amity School of Engineering and Technology inaugurated the Seminar.


Welcoming the gathering, Prof.(Dr.) Ravi Prakash-Dean, Engineering and Technology, Amity University said that Gas Turbine Technology has vast application in the industry and therefore, it is important for students and industry to become abreast with the latest developments in Gas Turbine Technology. He remarked that the national Seminar will cover a vast array of topics including Design of Gas Turbines, Applications of Gas Turbine Technology, Heat transfer aspect for Gas Turbines and Mathematical modeling and simulation for Gas Turbines which will benefit students as well as industry professionals.


Mr. Madhukar Sharma- President, ASME,while addressing the students, stressed that Gas Turbines help in generating energy for industry and lot of R&D is needed in the area of Design development and Operations of Gas Turbines. He shared that Gas Turbine Technology is a challenging field; in India, lot of parts and techniques use din assimilation of Gas Turbines are imported whereas the aim should be to design completely indigenous Gas Turbines. Appraising the gathering with ASME, Mr.Sharma said that ASME was founded in 1880 with a mission to serve diverse global communities by advancing, disseminating and applying engineering knowledge for improving the quality of life.


Addressing the gathering, Mr. Hemant Gajjar, Head, Energy Department, Steag outlined the concept of Gas Turbines, their history, typical Gas Turbine characteristics and thermodynamics used in Gas Turbines. He explained that Gas Turbines have three major components- a Compressor, Combustor and Turbine which work together to produce energy, extensively used in Power plants, Aircrafts, Trains, Ships, Generators and even Tanks. He stressed that development aim in Gas Turbines is to increase efficiency and cut down emissions. He remarked that Gas Turbine Technology has wide applications since it is efficient, quick start, environment friendly and has massive thrust. He shared that there are lot of opportunities existing in Gas Turbine Technology including Design and Engineering of Turbines, Operations, Maintenance and Manufacturing of Gas Turbines, which offer a scope to the budding engineers.


Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla- Vice Chancellor, Amity University, while sharing her views, stressed that classroom teaching is important and equally important is industry interaction which is facilitated through Seminars and Conferences. She called upon the students to make the most of the deliberations and presentations which would bring out knowledge that is not there is books. She invited ASME to help Amity in designing Skill and Competencies Matrix for Mechanical Engineers which would help the Institution in preparing students as per the industry requirements.


Sharing his views on “Heat Transfer aspects for GT Design”, Mr. Nitin Bhardwaj- Manager,Siemens Ltd. outlined the importance of heat transfer aspects, Optimization of Metallurgy and Aero Dynamics, Turbine Blades and Vanes cooling, Techniques of Turbine cooling and the Damage caused to Blades and Vanes due to creep hot corrosion.


During the day, eminent speakers from Industry including Prof. Bhaskar Roy from IIT Mumbai, Mr. Vishnuvardhan Tatiparthi- Sr. Engineer, GE; Mr. Rakesh Adoor-Sr. Manager, Siemens Ltd; Prof. A. M. Pradeep- Asso Professor, IIT Mumbai shared their views on “Aerodynamics Design of Turbo Machinery”, “Flow Computation for Gas Turbine Design”, Mechanical Design Aspect for Gas Turbine Design” and “Intakes, Ducts and Nozzles in GT Engine”.




Celebration of International Women’s Day

The event started at Academic Block 6, at 10:00 am at the Foyer with the enlightened speech of Prof. Manju Agarwal, HOI AIBAS. She shared her ideas as to how a woman is important not only for entire family but also for a better society and how a man compliments a woman in her endeavors. Dr. Kumkum Ray, HOI ASL, Dr. Pooja Verma, HOI ASFA& ASFT, Col.V. Tripathi, Director HR, Brig. V.K.Pandey, Dean Examination, Prof. Rajesh Tiwari, Dean Academics and other proud members of Amity University and students and Faculty members of AIBAS also shared their views on the women’s day.


The event further proceeded as Prof. Manju Agarwal flagged off the much awaited “Awareness March” in which the entire AIBAS students and faculty members visited all institutes across the campus and presented every faculty members a wrist band as a token of celebration of women achievements.


After the Awareness March, the students performed a “Nukkad Natak” at the amphitheater during lunch break. In Nukkad Natak, The theme of the Nukkad Natak was “Importance of Enabling environment for empowerenment”. In the act, it was shown that women empowerment is not about only giving all the rights to women but also about giving a suitable environment and autonomy so that she can flourish. Nukkad Natak was applauded a lot by the present people around as the audience cheered and clapped a lot.


The event ended with a pledge which was taken by all who were present there. The pledge is as follows: 

I pledge to promote gender equality as well as gender equity.

I pledge to stand up for the honor and dignity of every woman whether known or unknown to me.

I pledge to be an active by stander to speak up against gender violence and sexism.

I pledge to support whole heartedly in making our homes and streets safe for women.


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