Amity’s Patent of “Herbal Mosquito Repellant” commercialized for societal benefit

“All Night” Herbal Mosquito Repellant to fight Malaria, Dengue, Chikunguniya in rural areas


Amity, where the impetus is always on producing frugal innovations, has patented a herbal based mosquito repellant which has been commercialized today by M/s Tarini Herbal Company, Delhi for manufacturing Mosquito Repellent sticks, primarily for rural application where electricity is scarce. Amity University has agreed to handhold this small scale industry for technology absorption and bring out this product for societal use.


This innovative technology has been researched by Dr. Dhan Prakash and Dr. Charu Gupta of Amity University and the product was launched today by Dr.Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Group and Ms. Parvati Chopra,Proprietor, M/s Tarini Herbal Company.


Welcoming the gathering, Dr.W Selvamurthy- President Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation remarked that the persistent endeavor at Amity has been to develop cost effective and frugal solutions which could help the industry, generate wealth for society and lead to inclusive growth in the country. Dr. Selvamurthy outlined the various R&D projects on which the scientists and researchers of Amity are working including Nano silver based water Purifier, LPG Gas Sensor, Bio-degradable plastics, Herbal colors and many more. He thanked M/s Tarini Herbal Company, Delhi for associating with Amity in manufacturing and marketing a very useful product for rural areas especially when 60% of India’s population lives in villages and rural areas.


Sharing his views during the occasion, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Group re-emphasized Amity’s commitment to societal welfare through frugal innovations, ensuring that the benefits of cutting edge technologies and products are percolated to all sections of society. He stressed that R&D, without being commercialized and translated into products, is futile and waste of precious resources and time. Talking about the product, Dr. Chauhan stressed that the modern times have made human beings dependant on numerous synthetic chemical products in our day to day activities, which do provide a quick fix to the problem but has long term, hidden side effects. He remarked that research in herbal based products has gathered huge momentum considering their harmony with our body. He announced that the researchers who have developed “Herbal Mosquito Repellant ”technology will receive 20% of the share of technology transfer fee. He congratulated the Scientist fraternity of Amity who has been working day and night to come up with such revolutionary technologies and products.


Addressing the gathering, Ms. Parvati Chopra, Proprietor, M/s Tarini Herbal Company expressed her joy and jubilation over the association between Amity University and M/s Tarini Herbal Company. She outlined the journey of M/s Tarini Herbal Company since its inception in 1992 and briefed audience with the products being produced by the CompanyShe shared that the revolutionary mosquito repellant “All Night” would last for 8 hours, repelling mosquitoes and at the same time, acting as a room freshener. She further apprised that the product would come in the form of Coils,  Sticks (26 pieces with holder costing around Rs. 24), Garden Sticks (10 pieces costing around Rs. 18) and 10 inch Agarbattis (20 sticks costing around Rs. 15). She revealed that the lasting effect of “All Night Products” would be 2-2.5 hours after burnout, which will make their use economical in rural areas with shortage of electricity and abundance of mosquitoes.She announced that the “All Night” products would be available in market from May 15, 2015 all over India.


Talking about the herbal mosquito repellant technology,  Dr. Charu Gupta- Faculty and Researcher,Amity University shared that mosquitoes are a common problem in urban and rural areas and cause life threatening diseases including Malaria, Dengue and Yellow Fever. She remarked that most of the mosquito repellants which are available in the market are synthetic and have side effects such as allergies,headache, and nausea. She stressed that All Night Mosquito Repellant is totally natural and herbal, eco-friendly and requires no complicated set up to operate.


Amity has filed 593 patents so far and has emerged as second highest patent filing organization in the country next to all IITs clubbed together. Most of them are now getting translated into products for commercialization through Industry or societal mission. Amity has an Incubator which has incubated more than 100 companies including 42 new start ups.  Amity strives to emerge as a cradle of innovation in this Decade of R&D.


Also present during the occasion were Dr. (Mrs.) B Shukla- Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh; Prof. (Dr.) Gurinder Singh- Additional Vice Chancellor, Amity Group along with the Scientists and Researchers of Amity.

Traditional Embroidery

 The School of Fashion Design & Technology at Amity University Mumbai conducted an 8-week (16 hours) course on 'Traditional Embroidery' (Paramparic Kadhai) for the women of adjoining villages. This was done as an initiative towards 'Skill India' program. 

16 women from village Bhatan registered for the course that commence from 3rd January, 2016 for 8 weeks. Variety of embroidery stitches were taught in this course namely Satin, Stem, Herringbone, Lazy-Daisy, Bullion stitch, French knot to name a few. They were also taught the process of design development for Centre and border motifs, along with the method of design transfer to cloth.

We charged the ladies a nominal fee of Rs. 300/- which was towards the material expenses and other relevant items procured. This course related material was provided to them by the campus.

Upon completion of the program, the ladies have been able to create beautiful embroidered samples with Butas and Border Designs. These samples are to be developed into finished products like purses, file covers, mobile pouches, laptop covers and more.

Apart from upgrading the skills of these women, the program gave us an opportunity to develop a friendly synergy with the families in Bhatan village. These women were felicitated and awarded certificates on successful completion of the course at a special ceremony during “Aminova”, the 2 day inter-collegiate fest.  

This initiative of Amity University Mumbai received an overwhelming response from the neighboring villages and queries for the next batch are already pouring in.

The activity was planned in concurrence with our Honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. V. V. Khole and we received the whole hearted support of the village Sarpanch Mrs. Laxmi Mukadam and former Sarpanch Mr. Bhoir.

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