Amity University Rajasthan Organise "One Day Workshop on Basics of Audio Production and Programming"

Amity School of Communication, Amity University organized One Day workshop on Basics of Audio Production and Programming. MrLokesh Gulyani , Senior Project Manager, Louis Berger Consulting, Jaipur was the key speaker.

Young India Adventure Race - 2016



Young India Adventure Race - 2016

Venue: Belgaum (Karnataka) & Goa

Participants : 19 teams all across India

Attended by : 3 Fit students + 1 Sports Officer Mr. Hansraj Phalswal (Sports Officer from Gurgaon campus)

The Adventure Racing Federation Of India (ARFI) in Collaboration with Incredible Western Ghats has conducted ‘Young India Adventure Racing Championship’ for the youth of India for the first time from 9th Dec to 11th December 2016 in the coastal region of Maharashtra and Goa. The Championship Covered Mountain Biking, River Rafting, Trekking and Orienteering. The event was well organised and brilliantly executed by the students.

The opening ceremony started at Moloum in which The Deputy Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Francis D'Souza was invited as a chief guest where as the closing ceremony was executed at the Uthoda Beach Goa by Gen. J J Singh (Ex. Army Chief & Ex. Governor Arunachal Pradesh and the President of ARF ).

Event Flow :



Date: 8th December 2016

Mr. Hansraj Phalswal from Gurgaon campus along with three students Mr. Sahil Sethi, Darshan Bipin Bandal & Preet Surve on 8th December started the road trip from Amity University Mumbai Campus and reached Belgaum in the evening.



Date: 9th December 2016

They reached the meeting point at Belgaum( Karnataka) on 9th December in the afternoon where the students attended the warm up session followed by a movie shown to all the participants. The organiser then conducted briefing to all the participants to prepare them well about the Race for the next day. Later the students went back to their hotel at Whistling Woods at Dandeli ( Karnataka ) in the evening.



Date: 10th December 2016

The students left the Hotel at 6:00 am sharp for Moloum ( Goa) for attending the opening ceremony. Deputy Chief Minister Mr.Francis Dsouza was the Chief Guest of the event. The real action started with the mountain biking Race at 11:00 am sharp starting from Moloum (Goa) which finished at Jungle Pate comprising a track of 55 kms. Amity team finished the race in 4 hrs 59 mins. On the Same day itself with just 2 hrs of relaxation, Amity team started trekking at 6:00 pm sharp. The trekking distance of 15 kms was finished at KPCL Dandeli ( North Karnataka). Amity team’s Best time was 1 hr 35 mins.



Date: 11th December 2016

On 11th Dec , Amity team went to Kali River Dandeli where 5 Kms River rafting activity was completed. Our team managed to complete the Rafting race in just 46 mins. On the same day itself 25 Kms of Mountain Biking started from Kali river Dandeli which was finished at Jungle Pate. Amity team’s best time was 1 hr 24 mins.

After finishing the River rafting race, Amity team headed towards Jungle Pate for attending the closing ceremony at Uthoda Beach Goa. Gen J J Singh (Ex Army Chief & Ex Governor Arunachal Pradesh and the President of ARF) was the Chief Guest of the Closing ceremony. The prizes were distributed to the Participants. Later the team left for Mumbai in the afternoon and reached the next day on 12th Dec 2016 to Amity University Mumbai campus at 5:30 am.



Advantages of these kind of Event :

* Increase Confidence and Self-esteem, and Helps to Reduce Anxiety : These kind of activities helps in overall development of an individual. Increase in Confidence and self-esteem not only impact sports performance, but also performance in school, career, family life and friendships.

Also, as with all forms of activities the feel-good endorphins released into the body after such a rigorous exercise are major stress and anxiety reducers. Several studies point to exercise as being a highly effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

* Promotes Teamwork and Sharing: The lessons that players learn on the field translate to the rest of their lives and the camaraderie teammates share in unparalleled. The ability to work with others to reach a common goal is powerful when related to everyday life- in other words, join a team!

* Learning Experience : The students got to know what real competition is apart from routine football and they understood their weakness and strengths. They learned actual co- ordination and new experience as it was all together an adventurous event.

Feedback :  YIAR is big firm  where the Race was very difficult since it was organised for the first time in Asia where the competitors were senior in age and physically strong. It was a team event in which the students got an opportunity to learn new things apart from daily routine football, since our team comprised of all football players who were physically fit at just 17 years of age, rest participants were 20 years.

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