Dr. Prahlada Chief Controller (S.I) and Distinguished Scientist, DRDO inaugurates Technical Meet and Seminar on “Fostering Solar Energy Research in India”

Amity Institute of Renewable & A1ternative Energy and Amity Institute of Advanced Research and Studies (Materials and Devices) together with Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) organized a Technical Meet and Seminar on “Fostering Solar Energy Research in India” at Amity University, Sector- 125, Noida.

Inaugurating the seminar, the Chief Guest Dr. Prahlada- Chief Controller (S.I) and Distinguished Scientist, DRDO said that the importance of Sun and Solar Energy is known to India from times immemorial. Our ancestors used to worship the Sun because they were aware of the vast reservoir of energy that sun is. Talking about the potential uses of Solar Energy, he opined that besides general application solar energy can be of immense use in Defence Sector. The soldiers who are located in remote and far off areas like Leh- Laddakh and Saichen need power for they day- to day important activities like incessant communication in other parts of the country, which is done with the help of gensets consuming gigantic amounts of fuel. Unfortunately, in some areas these gensets don’t work calling for the tapping of unused solar energy in these areas. Dr. Prahlada expressed his concern over the inadequate amount of research being done in this area and called upon Universities to be long term research oriented, which is India specific research to double the efficiency through International collaborations. He applauded Amity for not just churning out graduates but “Nation Ready Graduates” and proposed the collaboration between DRDO and Amity for joint research projects.

Sharing vital statistics regarding the energy status of India, Dr. Bibek Bandyopadhyay- Director, Solar Energy Centre, MNRE said that world’s total power generating capacity is 4300 GW out of which Hydro contributes 20% of power generation, Nuclear contributes 10%, Fossil Fuels contributes 64% and renewable sources contributes 6%. Annual energy consumption share of India is around 4.6% (Global 460 EJ) and it contributes 3.5 % to the global energy production with a population contribution of around 17%. Talking about the vast potential of India in the area of tapping and using solar energy, Dr. Bandyopadhyay said that India is in the solar belt of the worldand is therefore, a potential region for utilizing solar energy. He shared several technologies developed in India based on solar energy such as solar water heating technology, solar cooking systems as introduced in Mount Abu. He proposed the maximum utilization of Sun during daytime for cooling and air-conditioners and then switching on to other a1ternative sources of energy during night when sunlight is not there. He called upon the institutions like Amity to take up extensive research in the area of solar efficient technologies.

Welcoming the august gathering Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity said that Solar energy has really acquired importance in the wake of recession when prices of fuels have skyrocketed giving rise to a dire need of the evolution of a1ternative sources of energy. In such a scenario it has become very important to harness the solar energy in a best optimum manner and to increase the efficiency of solar energy. He expressed his hope that the deliberations and discussions of the seminar will result in some fruitful proposals to be submitted to the policy makers fro successful implementation.

The seminar included two technical sessions focusing on themes “Solar Energy – Present Status & Futuristic Trends and Solar Energy”, “Government Policies & Industries Perspective” followed by a Panel discussion chaired by Dr. Vikram Kumar, Director, NPL New Delhi.

The eminent speakers for the seminar included Prof. K. S. Narayan, JNCASR, Bangalore, Dr. R. S. Anand- IIT, Kanpur, Dr. Chetan Solanki- IIT, Bombay, Dr. P. K. Singh- NPL, Delhi, Prof. Ram Prabhu- IIT, Madras, Dr. Vijay Kumar- CUSAT, Kochi, Dr. Aiyagairi Rao- DST, New Delhi, Dr. Amitabh Verma- Moserbaer Photovoltaic Ltd, New Delhi, Dr. B. Bhargava -Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, New Delhi and Dr. R. K. Bogra- BHEL,Gurgaon.

Also present during the inauguration of the seminar were Dr. S. Sankaran- ER & IPR, DRDO, Dr. Chandra Prakash (ER and IPR), DRDO, Mr. Ajay Chauhan- Trustee, RBEF, Maj. Gen (Retd.)K Jai Singh- Vice Chancellor, Amity University and other distinguished senior members from DRDO and Amity University.

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