One Day workshop by Robert B. Miller under Amity Global Leaders Series

One Day workshop by Robert B. Miller was organised under Amity Global Leaders Series at Hotel Sheraton, Saket, New Delhi on November 18, 2008.

The workshop was divided into different sessions. In first session Founding Principles of Miller Heiman approach was discussed. The topics discussed during the session were: The origins of Miller Heiman and its Clients, The original business-to-business sales process, The customer is at the core, Identifying and understanding the Buying Influences, Win-Win, then and now

In second session Mr. Michael Light discussed the The Best Practices of World Class Sales Organisations in which topics: See the results of the worlds largest sales effectiveness survey, Hear what the worlds leading sales organisations are doing differently and Learn how you can follow the most effective practices were discussed.

Session 3 threw light on the Craftsmanship of selling and the myths attached to selling. In this session Robert Miller discussed Hear about the Art and Science of Selling, Is the Customer really always right?,Is it actually all about price?

Last session dwelt on concepts, tools and CRM integration. Michael Light discussed the Embedding Change and Getting Results, Concepts and Tools, CRM integration, Disciplines and measures.

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