Sustainable Development of Environment, Economy and Society can help a country develop faster says Ms. Patricija Jankovic, Founder President & CEO of AREMA, Slovenia at Amity University

Sustainability is required in every sphere whether it is resources, environment or culture. Mulling over the issue of sustainability with innovation, Amity University organized a special lecture by Ms. Patricija Jankovic, Founder President & CEO – Academy of Regional Management (AREMA), Slovenia.


Ms. Poonam Barua, Founder Chairman – Forum for Women in Leadership, Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Acting Vice Chancellor – Amity University, Dr. W. Selvamurthy, President – Amity Science Technology Innovation Foundation and Dr. A.K. Nagpal, Chairman, Amity Pacific Forum were present during the occasion.


While introducing about the sustainability, Ms. Patricija Jankovic, Founder President & CEO – Academy of Regional Management (AREMA), Slovenia said that sustainability is not only taking care of resources or environment. One should talk about 3 pillars of sustainability i.e. Environment, Economy and Society out of which environment is of prime importance. Without the co-operation of all including the Corporate, Government, NGOs, Public enterprises, Private enterprises, one can not think of sustainability. Talking about innovation, Ms. Jankovic said innovation includes the process through which an idea becomes innovation. She said that there are different types of innovation like Product Innovation, Process Innovation, Marketing Innovation and Organizational Innovation. Apart from these there is another kind of innovation called public innovation which includes healthcare, social welfare, education etc which are not for profit motive. Describing about various models of innovation, Ms. Jankovic said that there are Open Vs Closed Model in which closed one is common which is linked to one institute or organization. In open model, every one co-operates and gives ideas to make innovation. USA and European Union is practicing on Open innovation model while Japan is in very close model of innovation. Another kind of model is Phase Gate Vs Traditional Model. In Phase Gate Model, every phase of process is controlled and corrections can be made in subsequent phases. In Traditional model, no correction is possible once the stage is over.


Ms. Jankovic also briefed about the concept of Smart Cities which includes Smart Economy, People, Governance, Mobility, Environment and living. She said that we should make such technologies which make not only smart cities but also smart communities. Ms. Jankovic also outlined some of the mistakes which can kill an innovation:

-          Not giving ownership or leader of project and every one passes the buck to others.

-          Creating too many layers of management

-          Ignoring brainstorming rules

-          Rely too heavily on data and dashboards

-          Under resource of hidden opportunities. 


Ms. Poonam Barua, Founder Chairman – Forum for Women in Leadership said that every one talks about challenges but no one thinks of the solutions. All the solutions lie in good leadership and using talent to the maximum. This generation has different types of talent and everyone should open up their minds and get down to innovation. One has to innovate his mind on daily basis. One can keep on growing, making profit but can not remain sustainable without innovation. One has to take risk of talking new steps which is also called leadership. If one focuses on innovative solutions, one will succeed in life, echoed Ms. Barua.


Dr. Balvinder Shukla, Acting Vice Chancellor – Amity University said that concept of innovation in not new and it has been there since the creation of Universe. Forms of innovation change as per needs of society and people. Dr. Shukla said that human mind never stops thinking. In mind there is need and greed and it is upto the person that what aspect of mind he is displaying. Dr. Shukla added that innovation is the change agent for business growth. If you will not innovate, your competitor will grow. The Darwin theory of survival of fittest is true for business and every walk of life.


Students, faculty members and Senior officials of Amity University were present during the interactive session.  

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