Lecture by Mr Anshul Mohan, Assistant Vice President, Business Intelligence, Genpact, at Amity University

Amity ACM Student Chapter & DBMS Club of Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Amity University organized 4th ACM Distinguished Lecture by Mr. Anshul Gupta, AVP, Business Intelligence, GENPACT on 8th April 2015 at Amity University, Noida.


Mr Anshul Mohan has over16+ years of comprehensive and in-depth experience in the Information Technology with specialization and experience in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. He presently serves Genpact as its Assistant Vice President,Business Intelligence where he is responsible for end to end of BI Business Growth and Delivery. As a BI Practice Leader, he has experience in handling responsibilities like Strategy, Operations, Pre-sales, Delivery Management,Mining and Farming.


Mr. Anshul Mohan delivered an informative lecture on “Data warehousing and Business Intelligence” wherein he talked about what data warehouses, their different types, the key factors of data warehousing etc. He stressed that the most important factors of warehousing are planning and strategy and a key aspect that needs to be kept in mind while doing date warehousing is execution. He spoke about the ingredients of data warehousing and business intelligence which, he shared, are Strategy and Scalability. He appraised the gathering with independent data marts and the challenges faced in data warehousing and business intelligence. He explained what the FACT table is and where it comes into use and the data warehouse design.  The 4 types of Reporting- Diagnostic Reporting, Description Reporting, Predictive and perspective and the role which mobile phones play in Business Intelligence was also discussed during the lecture. He then talked about emerging trends in Cloud Business Intelligence and what a vital role cloud plays in the world of Computer Science presently. The Gartner Magic Quadrant on BI tools was also explained by Mr Anshul.


The faculty members of Department of Computer Science, ASET alsoattended the lecture.


The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Abhay Bansal, Director, DICET and HoD, CSE, ASET, Amity University, Noida and a memento was presented to the distinguished speaker by Dr K.M Soni, Deputy Director and Officiating Head of ASET, Amity University, Noida.


The faculty members of Department of Computer Science, ASET also attended the lecture.



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