Amity Partners in Leader Agenda Seminar led by Thomas Stewart

Amity Partners in Leaders Agenda seminar led by former HBR editor and MD, Thomas Stewart. The seminar was organised at The Leela Mumbai on November 13, 2008.

The seminar was divided into sessions. Tom Stewart spoke on Five Challenges for the Next Five Years
- SPEED: The pace of business is faster than it ever was, and shows no sign of slowing down. For those who can keep up, that means more opportunity than ever.
- FUZZY BOUNDARIES: These days, businesses are complex webs of outsourcing partners, joint venture partners, and others who won’t necessarily pull in the same direction
- CUSTOMERS AND CAPABILITIES: The customer is king? says the slogan. Today’s customer is a king with clout. He’ll take your profit if you don’t develop a capabilities-driven strategy
- EXTREME COMPETITION: It’s global and it’s local, it’s high-end and it’s low-cost, and it’s all these things at once. Once again, a capabilities-driven strategy is the key to competing
- UNCERTAINTY: Leaders’ tool kits are well equipped with ways to control processes, allocate resources, and calculate risk. But these reductivist techniques aren’t enough.

Mr. Apurva Jha, Students, Amity Global Varsity, Mumbai who had attended this seminar quotes that The speaker, Mr.Thomas A. Stewart, Chief Martketing and Knowledge Officer, Booz&co. , spoke about impact of global slowdown on the human resources of the organisations. He enlightened us about the various a1ternatives we have to sacking employees. There were different topics touched such as employee appraisal systems, employee motivation, incentives and so on.

The seminar began at 9.30 am and got over by 4.30 pm. We got two tea breaks and a lunch break. The two tea breaks were utilised for networking and interacting with people from the Industry. The guests present at the seminar were aware of Amity, Noida but were surprised to know it had established a new campus in Mumbai. We explained to them that at present Amity, Mumbai is offering two courses, namely MBA and BBA, and will soon be offering courses such as engineering.

In another session Tom Stewart spoke on The Tests of a Leader. He says No one is a born leader. Great leaders emerge because of what they learn from the tests they face. And they produce great organizations as a result.
- THE INITIATION: Everyone watches the first moves a new leader makes. And new leaders almost invariably make major mistakes even at senior levels.
- THE BATTLE: Sooner or later, a leader has to fight and, in most cases, to choose whether to fight this battle or wait for another one. It is always a high-stakes test. Victory usually adds to your power. As for defeat, well....
- THE DEFEAT: Every leader fails. Great leaders find a way back.
- THE REBIRTH: Every leader faces the career equivalent of the seven-year itch, the moment when he must ask, “Where do we go next”. If I were applying for my job today, would I hire me??
- THE ACCOUNTING: The ultimate test of a leader is the test of the mirror. It is not just the test of authenticity, though that’s partly it. It is a test of truth. Do others tell you the truth? And do you tell the truth to yourself?

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