Amity Institute of Telecom Technology & Management organizes Industry – Academia Interaction

In its endeavor to churn out Nation Ready Graduates and well informed professionals, Amity Institute of Telecom Technology & Management organized Industry – Academia Interaction on “Dimension & way forward” at Amity University, Sector- 125, Noida.

Welcoming the august gathering, Lt. Gen. P D Bhargava- DG, Amity Institute of Telecom Technology and Management outlined the paradigm shift that has been witnessed by Telecom Sector, which is evident from the fact that in India 9 million telephones are installed every month. He also outlined the importance of industry- academia in such a scenario where both the domains have become inseparable bases for assuring each other success.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sukanto Dey- President, Emerging Business Tele Services Ltd. appraised the students with the vibrancy and multiplicity of techniques required in the telecom sector which, in the last ten years, has witnessed a powerful revolution ever witnessed by human civilization. He remarked that telecom sector is the only sector which can absorb people with diverse sets like FMCG specialization for selling pre- paid services, specialization in one- to one interaction for selling post paid services and enterprise techniques for selling services to corporate. The revolution in telecom sector has connected the entire globe, making brands popular in just a span of 4- 5 years. Dwelling on some vital statistics he remarked that there are over 100 million people in India who own television and over 300 million people have mobile phones but abysmally 4- 5 million broadband connections are accessed in India. He called for an increased penetration of broadband in Indian markets, in the absence of which Indian Telecom Sector is not able to deliver it’s full to the Indian economy.

Talking about the importance of the linkage between industry and academia, Mr. Kapila- Head, Alcatel Lucent University said that traditionally Universities and Corporate have been working more or less as isolated islands but ideally they should work in tandem to bridge the gap between what is taught inside the portals of a University and what is required in the Corporate world outside. Considering the nebulous and rapidly changing environment of telecom sector, he advised the students to continuously upgrade themselves, think out- of the box, be committed, focus on career building rather than job hunting, attain personal mastery , be global and aware of cross culture sensitivity in order to have an edge over their colleagues.

Mr. Vimal Kumar- Head, Strategy and New Business Solutions, TCS congratulated the leadership of Amity to have organized such platform where students can acquaint themselves with the requirements of the Corporate and can clear their doubts from industry leaders. He outlined the macro- trends operating in the environment of Telecom Sector. Dwelling upon the important changes in the Telecom Sector, Mr. Kumar said that unified communication has become the backbone of the country and there is a severe chain in the value chain. It is not the box that service companies sell but it is the services that touch upon the customer. He called upon the academic institutions to become pillar for the industry because that will lead to important R&D, training and development programs for faculty members and students as a result of which the cost and time involved in appraising the fresh entrants can be reduced drastically.

Also present during the interaction were Maj. Gen. K Jai Singh- Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Mr. V P Sandalas- Director General, Amity Institute of Space Science Technology and other senior members, distinguished Directors and faculty members of Amity University.

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