Amity conducts “Basic Human Resource Management Training Programme” for Bhutan Power Corporation Personnel

Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi is conducting “Basic Human Resource Management Training Programme” for 27 personnel of Bhutan Power Corporation (BPCL) from October 7-11, 2013 at Amity Campus, Sector-44, Noida. This is the 4th batch from the BPCL to receive the training.

Dr. Ranjana Bhatia- Prof. and Principal, Amity Institute of Education, Saket inaugurated the training program with the lighting of the lamp amidst the chanting of gayatri mantra and Bhutanese mantras followed by ceremonial welcome of all the participants from Bhutan


Dr. Ranjana Bhatia- Prof. and Principal, Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi said that it is matter of great pride that Amity is hosting the training program for personnel of BPCL for the fourth time at Amity University. Dr. Bhatia informed that this batch is the largest batch we are training for the BPCL. All the participants are here to learn the best practices of Human Resources with special reference towards the work culture of Amity.

from the Dr. Bhatia shared the list of topics that will be covered during the training programme such as “Human Resource Management”, “Internal Customer Care”, “Importance of Communication”, “Stress Management”, “Strategies to set SMART goals”, “Work Ethics”, and “Basic Accounting Concepts”.


The inaugural ceremony was followed by interactive sessions on “Human Resource Management” in which lively discussions took place between the trainers and the participants.


The five days training will see fruitful discussions between the participants and the trainers, empowering BPCL employees with the skills and tools of efficient management and adding value to their professional as well as personal lives.

Various interactive methods like role plays, simulations, team building activities and management games will be used to make the training lively, interesting and effective. Experienced faculty members from the Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi and Noida will conduct the sessions


Expressing his happiness for being part of the training program, Ms. Pabitra Gazmer, the senior most member from the team having an experience of 24 years said that previously BPCL was sending only Managerial Staff for the training and it is due to the feedback received from the trainees that BPCL has now started sending the secretarial level personnel for the training program. Ms. Gazmer said that she is confident that she will get benefit from this training program.


Another participant Ms. Dechen Yangdon said that she is travelling for the first time to India and is proud to be part of this training program. Ms. Yangdon said that she will use all the HRM techniques in her work.


Mr. Jimbey said that he want to enhance his capabilities and will definitely recommend this training for his fellow co-workers. Mr. Jimbey said that he is excited to learn all the managerial techniques which will help in his work.

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