"There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”- Amity Indore students attend workshop on "Power of Perception"

The Saturday witnessed a workshop on perception by Fly High Academy consultants Ms.Lavaeena and Ila. The workshop was about the Power of Perception and self-liking and Self-esteem. The motive of the workshop was to make students aware of the kind of perception and outlook they possess. The guest speakers were interactive and had freshness in their approach which made the session very lively.

The first session, "Power of perception" , started with the students being quizzed on their perception of some masterpieces by artists like Dali, Picasso and M.F Hussain, to show differences in various perceptions for the same image. It further stressed on understanding the deeper meaning of the word "perception", concept of "Paradigm shift" and moulding perception to achieve greater things in life

The second session on "Self-liking" had the students open-up about the complaints friends and family have of them. This interaction was done to assess their liking of themselves. It was followed with a discussion on "self-liking" which emphasized on "self-acceptance" and "looking within" to simplify problems.

The sessions were well received by the students and gratitude was expressed by Ms. Ruta Joglekar, Manager-Industry Relations.

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