Dr. Janardan Jha, Head of Distance Learning, Manipal University visits Amity University

Dr. Janardan Jha, Head of Distance Learning, Manipal University and presently Senior Advisor, Dayananda Sagar Insitutions, Bagalore visited Amity University Campus Sector-125 Noida on September 02, 2009.

On this occasion Dr. Janardan Jha delivered a special lecture titled "Teaching Learning Process - A New Concept. In his lecture Dr. Jha said that teacher should prepare and read all the material before the class and not in the class. Dr. Jha said that "We all know that getting a good teahcer is a very difficult problem. If there are number of sections to be taught, institute may get one or two good teachers but remaining sections are starved of the benefit of good teaching. In Engineering we have sixteen sections. It was an uphill task to get 16 teachers. Hence we tried to use mixture of technology and the advantage of a teacher in formal teaching. We choose one or two good teachers for a particular subject, the whole syllabus was divided into number of lectures for eg 50 lectures. Those good teachers prepared the lecture in self learning mode giving introduction, objective, contents, summary, self test etc. After that number of animation and graphics are added in the lecture lecture so that the concept can be explained in a better way. This digital lecture can be used by all sixteen lecture. Lecture is in the form of slides for the teacher but for the students the text of the lectureis also given. The teacher has the freedom to explain the slides in his own way but he has to teach at least whatever has been given in the lecture.

Dr. Jha said that such type of teaching can be completed in less than half an hour because he has not to write anything on black board and remaining half an hour the teacher can interact with the students. If there is some changes in syllabus, it can be added or edited as everything is in digital form.

On this occasion Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity University said that it is proud moment for Amity University that world famous educationist Dr. Jha has spared some of his valuable time and presented his thoughts to the faculty of Amity University.

Senior officials, faculty of Amity University were present in this lecture session.

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