Amity Institute of Physiotherapy celebrates “World Physiotherapy Day”

To mark the mammoth contribution of Physiotherapy in treating patients all over the world, September 8 is observed as “World Physiotherapy Day” worldwide. Amity Institute of Physiotherapy celebrated the same at Amity Campus, Sector-44, Noida by organizing a seminar in which distinguished physiotherapists presented their views on the vital areas of physiotherapy.

On this occasion blood donation camp was also organised where students, faculty and officers of Amity Institute of Physiotherapy, Amity University donated blood.

Welcoming the distinguished gathering, Dr. Nitish Bansal- Director, Amity Institute of Physiotherapy expressed his gratitude to the distinguished speakers for making it to the seminar and sharing the nuggets of wisdom out of their own experience.

Throwing light on the “Scope of Practice in Physiotherapy”, Dr. Alakananda Banerjee (PT), Head, Physiotherapy Department, Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi called upon the budding physiotherapists to keep their mind clear to the various options available to a physiotherapist, a physiotherapist can work on obesity or cardiovascular ailments and not just on orthopedic problems, as traditionally considered. She advised students that they can build up their physiotherapy profession wherever they are, even in the remotest corner of the country. “Students should continuously upgrade themselves, be passionate about their profession and think of proliferating and growing”, she averred.

Presenting his views on “Evidence Based Practice in Physiotherapy” Dr. Hemant Juneja (PT)- HoD, Amar Jyoti Institute of Physiotherapy, Delhi said, “Evidence Based Anatomy (ERP) is a systematic approach to integrate current scientific evidence to define a specific clinical problem and if possible, identify functional impairments. ERP has emerged as a standard in health care therefore documentation is very important. ERP includes formulating a treatment plan to stabilize the disease, if possible and target impairment for physiotherapy”. Dr. Juneja dispelled several myths surrounding EBP and concluded that EBP is very essential to put into practice.

Prof. Umasankar Mohanty- CEC Member, IAP & President, MTFI congratulated and appreciated the efforts of Amity Institute of Physiotherapy for organizing such a interactive seminar. He remarked that Physiotherapy as profession started in 1899 and from that time onwards, has grown stupendously with great deal of awareness of “Physiotherapy” as a profession. Talking about “Lumbo Pelvic Dysfunction: A Manual Therapy Approach, Prof. Mohanty stressed that Lumbo Pelvic Dysfunction or Lower Back Pain is the second most commonest problem after common cold and the major cause of Lower Back Pain is inappropriate work habits and sitting positions. He revealed that 70% of adult population experience lower back pain and shared several manual methods to reduce and further treat lower back pain.

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