“Important to respect the person with disability, his integrity and his sense of learning” avers Ms. Merry Barua during symposium on “Enhancement of Happiness, Peace & Prosperity” at Amity

Under the banner of Amity HumanValues Quarter 2016- Amity University organized a symposium on “Enhancement ofHappiness, Peace & Prosperity” at University campus, Sector 125, Noida.

The objective of the symposiumwas to focus on the fragile value system to sustain and revive the need oftolerance, compassion, sympathy, peace, empathy, happiness etc in our society.

Sharinghis story, Mr. Rahul Yadav, Founder Yoddhas said that he was a regular28 year old guy with decent job and aspiring dreams to make big. He just fell sick one fine day andwhat initially started of as minor cough and cold, eventually, was diagnosed asCancer. He said that human beings face lot of difficulties but one should bedetermined to tide over all difficulties and emerge strong and determined fromevery difficult situation. Mr. Yadav pointed that people are always botheredabout reaching the destination and usually forget about the journeyand emphasized that learning throughout the journey is very important notjust reaching the goal.

Speaking on ‘values for life’, MsHarsaran Pandey, Consultant Risk Communication, WHO saidthat it is necessary for a person to ponder what makes human beings differentfrom other creations of God and the answer to the same defines the purpose ofhuman beings’ lives. She mentioned that humans have a gift of intelligence andability to discern which makes them different. We always preach about variousvalues like love thy neighbours, conserve nature, be yourself but on the otherhand, we contradict our own selves by promoting Competition, being on top etc.She highlighted that at some point, there is a clash of individual and societalvalues so we must be vigilant in protecting our interests since values are theedge of a surface. Ms. Pandey pointed out that history has always tried tocontrol people through beliefs which are evident since people in power aresubjective to use values to suit their own interests. She stressed that valuesare not static and they change as societies mature. She advised theparticipants to understand the life journey by keeping the values intact andstrive to be the best.

Sharingher views on Ethical Practices in Disability Rehabilitation, Ms. MerryBarua, Founder Director, Action for Autism, National Centre for Autism Indiasaid that ethics in disability rehabilitation is lacking in our society sincethere is no proper system for conduct. She averred that most people believethat a person with disability is less human than a normal person. Sheemphasized that it is important to respect the person with disability, hisintegrity and his sense of learning. She opined that the society will changetheir outlook towards disabled people once they are realised that it is not aproblem but a condition and looking down upon disability is unethical.

Addressingthe gathering, Ms. Pooja Chauhan, Vice Chairperson, Amity HumanityFoundation said that AmityHuman Values Quarter is observed to instill the prime virtues of humanvalues amongst the youth in tandem with academic excellence. She further addedthat the vision of Amity is to provide holistic education along with imbibinggood values and ethics for an individual to grow as enhanced, principled andcomplete human being who will contribute for the development of society andnation at large. 

The symposium saw the presence ofProf. Nirupama Prakash Chairperson, Amity Human ValuesQuarter-2016; Dr. Alka Muddgal, Co –Chairperson; Dr. Jayanti Pujara, Jointdirector, Amity Institute Of Rehabilitation Sciences, Senior Officials andstudents of Amity University.


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