Professor Biman C. Prasad, - Leader of the National Federation Party, Fiji visits Amity

Professor Biman C. Prasad, - Leaderof the National Federation Party, Fiji and Shadow Minister for FinanceDirector, Fiji Institute of Applied Studies visited Amity University, Noida.

Prof.Prasad was accompanied by his wife- Ms.Rajni Prasad and was welcomed by Prof. Bhawna Kumar, V.P, Ritnand BalvedEducation Foundation (RBEF) and Dr. Manoj Sharma, International AffairsDepartment, Amity.

Sharinghis views, Professor Biman C. Prasad saidthat the ties between India and Fiji are very old; lot of people in Fiji hastheir ancestral roots in India and has kept the richness of Indian culture andtraditions intact in their hearts, nurturing a feeling of love and respect forIndia as a country in Fiji. He referred to the recent visit of Hon’ble PrimeMinister of India to Fiji and mentioned how Prime Minister proposed to strengthenthe ties between both the countries for mutual growth and development. ProfessorBiman C. Prasad stressed that it is very important for countries to haveamicable ties amongst them for the progress and development of the world. Heproposed that illustrious educational Institutions of Fiji and India such asAmity should come together and work for the growth and progress of both thecountries. He applauded the efforts of Amity in bringing about an educationalrevolution in India and abroad.

Prof. Bhawna Kumar, V.P, RitnandBalved Education Foundation (RBEF) and Professor, Amity International BusinessSchool briefed the eminent guests with the Innovative andIndustry aligned programmes being offered by Amity University, variousfacilities offered by the University to provide world class education to itsstudents and numerous Accreditations and Recognitions received by Universityfor the excellence it stands for.

Prof.Prasad and his wife were taken for a Campus Round and shown the state of theart infrastructure of Amity University.

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