Panel Discussion on ‘Role of Physical Education and Sports in Education: A Future Direction’ at Amity

Toabreast the budding Physical Education professionals on importance of PhysicalEducation in school curricula, Amity School of Physical Education and SportsSciences organized a Panel Discussion on ‘Role of Physical Education and Sportsin Education: A Future Direction’ at University Campus, Noida.

Thepanel discussion witnessed the presence of Principals, HODs and sports coachesof various schools and sports institutes who shared their views and concernover holistic development of individual through physical education and sports.

Sharinghis views on government policies and schemes in promoting Physical Educationand Sports, Mr. Surendra Bhanduriya from DDE said that government hasprovided sufficient funds and resources but the issue lies in proper utilizationand allocation. He pointed out that India is known for its sports enthusiastsand has proved its mettle at various International Sports events yet there is adearth of qualified coaches for various sports.  He urged the buddingprofessionals to strategize better policies in area of physical education andsports and use their talent for development of the field

Ms.Amita Mishra from DPS International School highlightedthat presently, corporation in sports happening at a larger level with nationaland international sport leagues. She stressed that now a days, parents areconsidering sports as a serious profession for their children, hence, it isimportant for Physical education professionals to treat the subject moreprofessionally rather than considering it as a an extra subject which was aconception earlier. Ms. Mishra called upon the budding professionals to exploremore avenues and not considering teaching as an only job opportunity aftergraduation.

Duringthe discussion, Ms. Anjali Malik, Principal, Jaypee International SchoolNoida shared two most important skills that an individual learn throughsports which are, skill of being a team player and skill of defining success inright manner. Individual who acquire these skills is bound to succeed. Sheaverred that sports teaches that winning is not everything but thrill, vigor,bonding, progress and learning experience that is part of the game is also a success.Ms Malik advised the schools to use sports for learning other academic subjectssuch as mathematics as it helps in clearing fundamentals of theory.

Layingstress upon the need to introduce physical education at pre primary level, Dr.Vandhana, Principal, Mata Bhagwati Chadha Niketan Special School said thatchildren at primary level also face stress although they could be minor but itshould be realized that many health issues which could be developed due tostress can be prevented by commencing physical education at pre primary levelitself.  She mentioned that Physical education is not just part ofcurriculum but it is the base of curriculum.

Addressingthe gathering, Dr. Kalpana Sharma, Director, Amity School of PhysicalEducation, AUUP said that physical education is the core of the holistichuman development. The aim is to develop an individual physically, mentally,emotionally and socially sound. She mentioned that regular physical activitiesin children alleviate depression, stress and anxiety also strengthening theirself esteem. She mentioned that despite knowing the importance of sports inschools there has been lot of gaps in implementation which needs to berectifies. Dr. Sharma opined that professional attitude in physical educationas a subject is desired.

Duringthe day, Amity Incubatee Organization, Sporto organized a Golf event for theStudents of Amity University wherein students were seen playing virtual golf onGolf stimulators. The event was attended by Mr. Amandeep Johl, Indian NationalCoach who shared some tips with the participants.

Studentswere seen enjoying themselves and participated in various competitions heldduring the day including Putting Competition; Longest drive competition andClosest to the pin competition. 

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