“Medical Industry, Government and Public need to join hands to make country Hepatitis Free” says Delhi Health Minister Mr. Satyendra Jain during celebrations for 19th Hepatitis Day at ILBS, New Delhi

To spreadawareness about Hepatitis disease, its preventive measures and treatment amongst general public, Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS),New Delhi organized 19th Hepatitis Day on theme “Prevention fromMother to Child Transmission of Hepatitis”.

The event wasgraced by Delhi Health Minister Mr. Satyendra Jain; Delhi HealthSecretary Mr. Chandrakar Bharti; Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, AmityEducation Group; Dr S S Agarwal, National President, Indian MedicalAssociation; Dr.(Prof). Y.K. Chawla, Hepatologist and Director of the PostGraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh; Mr.Surendra Sharma, Poet and Hasya Kavi and Dr. Shiv Kumar Sarin, Director,Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences.

Appreciating thehuge participation of young generation for the noble drive, Dr. Ashok KChauhan said that youth is the future of nation and it is important tosensitize them about the issue. He emphasized that Amity has always nurturedAmitians to actively contribute to the service of the nation and lead thecountry to greater heights. He further added that Amity is dedicated towardsthe cause of making the nation ‘Hepatitis Free’ and various activities havebeen organized from time to time in Amity University and schools towards acause which can bring the wind of change in society.

Apprising thegathering, Delhi Health Minister Mr. Satyendra Jain said that DelhiGovernment is dedicated towards eradicating the disease and has been providingfree medication for treatment of Hepatitis. He mentioned that there is 70-80%penetration of vaccination in Delhi and the government is striving towardsmaking 100% penetration, thereby making every person healthy. He opined thatfor any health campaign to be successful, it is necessary for medical industry,government and public to contribute actively towards the cause. Mr. Jain urgedthe medical fraternity to disseminate information in layman language so thatmore and more people can understand and be aware about the disease.

Expressing hisviews, Dr. Shiv Kumar Sarin said that every year ILBS disseminateawareness amongst students and the general public regarding the deadly diseaseHepatitis. He pointed out that an estimated 52 million people are infected fromHepatitis virus and mostly the transmission route is from mother to newborn. Dr. Sarin urged the gathering to disseminate awareness about vaccinationas potent method for prevention and urged not to stigmatize the infectedpeople. He averred that if every individual is vaccinated timely then HepatitisB can be eliminated by 2080.  

Sharing hisviews, Delhi Health Secretary Mr. Chandrakar Bharti said that “It isimportant to know that the disease of Hepatitis B is graver than HIV, Malaria,Dengue etc and most of the infected population is not aware about the infectionwhich transfuses it further to next generation.” He emphasised that thoughgovernment is providing all necessary aid in terms of funding and guidance buturged medicals to spread awareness for making the hepatitis tests compulsoryfor pregnant women and hepatitis vaccinations a-must for newborns.  He calledupon the youth to actively participate in the drive against Hepatitis andcreate awareness about the disease on large scale even in the remotest parts ofthe country for ‘Hepatitis Free India’.

During theHepatitis Day event, more than 300 students from 18 schools across Delhi NCRparticipated in poster making, slogan writing and skit competitions organizedas part of the event. The winners were awarded by the distinguished speakers.

The studentsfrom all Amity International Schools located in Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad andGurgaon overwhelmingly participated in the Competitions organized. They eventook pledge to actively work towards the mission to eradicate the diseaseHepatitis B by spreading the awareness in different strata of society.

Ms. JiahSharma from Amity International School, Noida bagged the First Prize in SloganWriting competition; Ms. Aditi from Bal Bharti School won the Second Prize andMr. Ashdev Singh from Amity International School, Gurgaon was given the ThirdPrize.

The firstprize in Poster Making competition was given to Ms. Rishika Gupta; Mr. RakshanJain from Amity International School won the second prize and Ms. Sahiti Guptafrom Amity International School Saket won the third prize.

During theoccasion, ECHO souvenir was released and website was launched by thedistinguished speakers. 

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