Acid Attack Fighter Prerna Gandhi calls upon Indian Government to regulate better and stringent laws for acid attack culprits during Seminar” at Amity

Toraise awareness on Acid Attacks in India, Ms Prerna Gandhi, Acid Attack Fighteralong with her host sister from US, Ms Gracie Doll conducted a day Seminar on“Resiliency after an Acid Attack” at Amity University, Sector 125, Noida.

Theseminar was part of delegation visit University of Cincinnati (UoC), USA headedby Dr. Raj Mehta, Vice Provost International Affairs, Director UniversityHonour Programme and Professor of Marketing and accompanied by Mr. Cory Smith,Asst. Dir. of UoC International Programmes.

Narratingthe tragic incident, Ms. Prerna Gandhi who became a victim of acid attack atan age of 13 way back in 2011 shared that the acid was mistakenly thrown onher rather than her friend who actually was the target of the acid attack Sheshared that after the initial treatment, it was a beginning of emotionalbreakdown and she felt apologetic towards those who had to see her like that.She mentioned that her family wished her a peaceful death than see her writhein pain every single day.

Althoughinitially the disastrous episode turned her life upside down, she took her lifeforward and requested to move to the US on medical visa which was accepted. Sheexpressed her gratitude towards the host family who encouraged her to start thelife all over again. Ms Gandhi apprised that she has made peace with her pastand wants to focus on turning her dreams into reality which had once seemedfar-fetched. She is now pursuing Bachelors in Business Administration from theUniversity of Cincinnati.

Ms.Gandhi shared “It was my host sister, Ms. Gracie Doll, who helped me start withthe journey of emotional healing. Everyday, she told me that I am beautifulfrom inside and outside as well. She made me realize my importance and worth asa human being.”

Sheaverred that despite Indian Penal Code laying down punishment for acid throwingbut there is no proper implication. She called upon the Indian Government toregulate better and stringent laws as acid attack is the worst infliction onanother human. Ms. Gandhi appealed the society to help and accept the victim asall of them go through the turmoil of social seclusion and said that it is timeto show light in their world of darkness. 

Addressingthe gathering, Dr. Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity saidthat around 93% of females in India are abused in some sort or other and inmost of the cases, culprits are known to them. He stressed that they are somuch suppressed that they don't reveal it to anyone. There is still a sectionof society which dictates and restricts the female gender. He averred that itis disheartening to see that there are some people in society who are veryjudgmental and demean the existence of victims. He encouraged the fighters thatsuch malevolence circumstances should not demotivate a person. Dr Gurinderopined that an individual shouldn’t limit ones potential and never to letanyone specify their roles.

Dr.Singh said that at Amity, we give equal opportunities to all. He added that wecan develop courses with free credits to be given to participants of suchlectures or conferences who can make case study from the theme or outcome ofsuch meetings.

Theseminar was attended by students and faculty members of Amity University

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