I need help registering my Alumni User ID.


Alumni Amity registration allows you to set up a user ID and password which you can use to access content through Amity Alumni Portal.  You will only need to register once, and your user ID and password will remain valid indefinitely.  If you wish, you can change your password at any time after registering.


Registration is open to Amity alumni

  • Alumni are individuals who completed a degree at Amity.

The following types of individuals are generally not eligible to register for Amity Alumni, unless they are also alumni.

  • Participants in most post-doctoral, fellowship or residency programs
  • Current or former students at the Summer School who did not receive a degree or certificate
  • Graduates of a program where the degree was granted by an institution other than Amity
  • Spouses or widows of alumni
  • Parents of current students or alumni
  • Current or former staff or faculty members

How to Register

To register for Alumni Amity, visit our registration page.

Step 1. Search for Your Record

To find your record, enter your full name and (optionally) class year in the provided fields, and press the "Find My Record" button.

Your Full name must match the certificate name in our records exactly.  If you have changed your name recently, you may need to try both your current and previous names.

Your class year corresponds to the earliest passout year of Amity degree in your record.  If you have more than one Amity degree, you will need to enter the passout year of your first Amity degree.  Please be sure to enter all four digits of your class year (for example, 1986, not 86 or '86)

Step 2. Select Your Record from the List

After entering your name and class year, a list of records (with names and class years) of people matching your search criteria will be displayed.  Click on your name to proceed to step 3.

If you have more than one Amity degree, please register against your first Amity degree.

  • You may not be eligible to register.  Please see eligibility section for more information.
  • Your name or class year may be listed differently from the way you entered them.  Please go back to step 1 to refine your search.
  • There may be a block on your record which prevents your information from being displayed.  Please contact the help desk for assistance.

Step 3. Verify Your Identity

In step 3, your name and degree will be displayed, and you will be asked to provide your Enrollment number.  Enter your Enrollment number (be sure to enter all digits),Enter your email address and press the "Register" button to proceed to step 4.

You can get your enrollment number from your Degree certificate/Mark sheets issued to you by Amity University.

If you see a message saying "The member record you selected is already registered," this means that you have already registered for Amity Alumni Portal.  It is not possible to register more than once on the same record.  If you do not remember your user ID and password, you can retrieve them using our online login retrieval page.

If the information displayed in step 3 does not match your information, please go back to step 2 and select a different record, or go back to step 1 to refine your search.

Step 4. Activate your Account

You will receive a Registration Confirmation Email at the email address that you have provided.

You need to activate your account by clicking on the activation link received on your registration confirmation email.

Still having trouble registering? Contact the Help Desk for assistance.

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