Alumni Speaks

General Manager (Business Development & Digital Initiatives)
Darpan Magazine, Vancouver
PGDM, Class of 2000, ABS, Noida

Describe your career journey and your current role.

I am a Marketing professional with a total experience of 20+ years working with some of the most incredibly talented teams and brands. During this period, I have built and expanded multi-million-dollar businesses for leading global and Indian brands such as J Walter Thompson, Honda Motorcycles, Toshiba, and Sun flame to name a few and currently working as a Business lead in one of the leading and most reputed South Asian Media company in Vancouver, Canada. I have been known for cultivating Marketing & Digital transformation as a core marketing function to tap emerging digital trends & disruptive technologies. I have been a thought leader in the digital realm with a keen interest in automation, data analytics, IoT, AI, and a strong advocate of digital transformation. I have a proven track record of enabling brand transformation through the digitization of the Consumer Decision Journey (CDJ). My key focus is driving growth and creating value for stakeholders and clients and some of the top industry awards that my organization has received are ‘Iconic Brand of India by The Economic Times’, ‘Brand of the Decade Award by BARC Asia’, and ‘Femina Power Brand 2021 by Femina India’.

What are some of your key achievements in your illustrious career journey?

I would like to highlight an achievement which is led by deep consumer insight and innovation during my tenure at Toshiba India, I was part of the Team that was instrumental in launching the ‘ Power TV ‘ range in the Indian Market which garnered a double-digit market share and was reported by GFK – 10% market share in panel industry from mere less than 1% percent when I joined the company and all this happened with a span of just one year.

Describe your AMITY journey. What made you choose the University, and how did it fulfill your learning aspirations?

The years between 1998-2000 are the best 2 years of my life. These two years spent at Amity helped to shape my personality and made me corporate world ready. Amity is not an institution but an experience. These were the best fun years as well especially working and learning @ CRC!.

While I was at the campus, I was guided and mentored by the best, not just faculties but also the best of people. I found a very effective support system in my teachers and friends here. They inspired me to excel in every aspect of my life during those days. I was always encouraged to choose my work-life balance independently. This independence was a major contributor to the various awards and recognitions that were bestowed upon me.

I got my first break from the campus itself. I realize now that it was not just studied, but the overall development that took place at Amity which helped me climb the corporate ladder. I thank the institute and the founders from the bottom of my heart.

A message or a success mantra that you would like to give to your current Amitians.

Two words, sincerity, and perseverance, sum up my advice to my friends, colleagues, and peers. It is through honest and persistent devotion to work, that one can aim to excel not just here but even long after in the greater play of life.

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