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23 Feb 2023|Noida | Amity University, Noida

Ms. Laxmi Singh, IPS, Police Commissioner, Gautam Buddha Nagar, inspires students of Amity through her powerful and inspirational words


Amity University organized a Panel Discussion on the theme, “Women at Workplaces- Building and Nurturing an Equitable Workplace” under the 23rd International Research Conference, “INBUSH ERA World Summit-2023”, being held from 22nd to 24th February 2023.


Sharing her journey from struggles to success with packed audience, Ms. Laxmi Singh, IPS, Police Commissioner, Gautam Buddh Nagar, in her powerful address, said, “Coming from an engineering background, my journey was very tough as mechanical engineering is considered to be a career choice for men. Later, when I decided to become an IPS officer, I was faced with a different set of challenges as Police Force is also seen as a male-dominated career.  However, with firm belief in myself and strong family support, I was able to overcome the challenges successfully. The society has a fixed set of ideas and notions when it comes to women, they constantly judge her for her choices and underestimate her capabilities. However, it is up to women to break that mold and emerge as a strong and independent woman, who defines her own goals. Courses on “Gender Sensitization” are not meant for women since women are inherently sensitized, rather, everyone needs to accept and respect women leadership and be ready to be led by women. Women are inborn multi-taskers and can manage several things simultaneously, whereas men do not possess the ability to multi-task.”


Advising the students of Amity, she further added, “Always compete with yourself and never compare yourself with others. Try to become better everyday and face challenges boldly, with great confidence. Reach a new milestone everyday and never get defeated by circumstances. When you enjoy what you do, you do not feel burdened and are able to manage all your responsibilities very well. Also, it’s important not to stop at academic excellence but also fulfill your responsibilities towards the society. If you have a firm belief in yourself, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams. Therefore, set your limits high and never compromise. The road to success is arduous but it should not stop you from achieving your goals.”  


Sharing her entrepreneurial journey from a small start-up to a well-established, globally renowned Corporate, Ms. Shahnaz Husain, Founder, Chairperson & Managing Director, The Shahnaz Husain Group, stated, “It was not easy for me to become an entrepreneur as I was married at a very young age of 13. While working with a British company, I had to type so much that my fingers were bruised but I still did not give up since I had to earn money to pay for my education. Everyone used to ask me how you created a brand without publicity but I strongly believe that “word of mouth” is better than any publicity and the product speaks for itself. Only you have the right to decide for yourself and no one else has the right to tell you what to do or what not to do. You choose your own path and create your own destiny.”


Mrs. Divya Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity Arts Foundation, said, “It is a proud moment for Amity that so many esteemed and highly respected dignitaries have consented to grace the occasion. All the guests are great women achievers who will motivate the students of Amity through their inspirational deliberations. “


Ms. Katie Reese, Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Yorkville University, said, “Situations and circumstances are the same for everyone. However, women must believe in their abilities and come out strongly as self-confidence is a pre-requisite for success.”


On this occasion, “Amity Women’s Achiever Award for Outstanding Contribution in Public Service” was conferred upon Ms. Laxmi Singh IPS, Police Commissioner, Gautam Buddh Nagar, “Amity Women Business Leader Award” was conferred upon Ms. Shahnaz Husain, Founder, Chairperson & Managing Director, The Shahnaz Husain Group, and “Amity Global Corporate Excellence and Women Leadership Award” was conferred upon Ms. Katie Reese, Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Yorkville University. In addition, Mr. Vineet Malhotra, Prime Time Anchor, NewsX, was conferred upon “Amity Media Excellence Award” and Ms. Preeti Rao, Founder & CEO, Weljii, was conferred upon “Amity Excellence Award”.


Also present on the occasion was Dr. Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor, Amity University and the Panel Discussion was attended by the Head of Institutions and students of Amity in large numbers.

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