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28 Feb 2023|Noida | Amity University, Noida

Amity University celebrates National Science Day


Amity University Uttar Pradesh celebrated National Science Day to commemorate the discovery of the Raman Effect by the first Indian Science Nobel Laureate Sir C.V. Raman, in the year 1928.  The theme of National Science Day-2023 is ‘Global Science for Global Wellbeing’ which indicates India's emerging global role and rising visibility in the international arena, in the field of Science & Technology.


Addressing the gathering, Guest of Honour Dr. Shiv Kumar, Scientist ‘H’, Director, Extramural Research & Intellectual Property Rights (ER & IPR), at DRDO HQ, said, “National Science Day motivates and encourages us to think about innovation and technological development made by Indian Scientists. Securing high grades and good marks is not important, rather it is the passion and commitment which students must have to achieve their career goals. Failure is not bad as one can learn from failures and failures are stepping stones to success. Therefore, students must identify their strengths and work in a field of their choice, in which they can excel.”


Highlighting the significance of Global Science, Prof. S. Murugavel, Director, University Science Instrumentation Center (USIC), University of Delhi (North Campus), averred, “Science plays a critical role in improving the global well-being by developing solutions to the challenges faced by the world. Global Science can help by developing new drugs and treatments, creating vaccines and improving our understanding of how diseases spread. In addition, Global Science can also help in mitigating effects of climate change. Therefore, it is important that we continue to invest in global science, support international collaboration, and prioritize the development of solutions through Science, that can benefit everyone, regardless of their location, or socioeconomic status.”


Sharing his Words of Wisdom, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Education Group, stated, “The world can only be transformed through Since & Technology and by listening to the distinguished speakers today, the students will get inspired to achieve whatever they aspire for. The government is providing huge support to start ups therefore, students must become scientifically inclined to launch their own start-ups. They must get inspired by reading about the lives of great thinkers and scientists, dream big and remain committed to their goals.”


Speaking about the significance of National Science Day Prof. (Dr.) B.C. Das, Dean, Health and Allied Sciences and Vice President ASTIF, stated, “At Amity, every day is “Science Day” since the institution focusses on Science, Research and Innovation for nation-building. The budding scientists must strive to bring laurels to their country in the form of Nobel Prize by 2023 and make their country proud. They must think “out of the box” and develop innovative solutions for the problems of the world by being committed to their goals.”


Also present on the occasion were Prof. Sunita Rattan, Dean, Faculty of Science & Technology, Director, Amity Institute of Applied Sciences, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Dr. VK. Jain, Distinguished Scientist & Professor, Vice-President, Amity Science, Technology & Innovation Foundation, along with HOIs and students of Amity.


During the day-long Programme, Technical Sessions on topics including  “Precision Health Care” by Prof. Dipankar Bandyopadhyay Head Medical Science, IIT Guwahati, “Role of Nuclear Science in Emerging Technologies” by Dr. Pawan K. Dhar Professor, School of Biotechnology and Director (IQAC), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, “The Connection Between Gut and Hormones” by Prof. Anita Malhotra Lakshmibai College, University of Delhi and “Sustainable Growth of Energy” by  Dr Naqui Anwar Professor & Head, Department of Sustainable Engineering, TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi, will also be conducted amongst others, along with a Quiz Competition for students on Food Science & Nutrition.

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