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23 Feb 2023|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Amity University Gurugram

Student Activity Amity College of Commerce’s Got Talent Organized by Amity College of Commerce on 23rd February 2023

On February 23, 2023, Amity College of Commerce conducted a student event called "ACC's Got Talent" as a component of the notion of a Personal Development Activity (PDA). The event was supervised by Mr. Shiv Swaroop Jha, Head of Department, ACC.


The goal of ACC's GOT TALENT was for students to enjoy themselves and gain more self-assurance when performing in front of huge audiences. The first round was dancing, where participants may pick any music and demonstrate their expressiveness via their actions. After that, one student offered to conduct a stand-up comedy show where he used volunteers from the crowd and improved his communication skills. During the singing portion of the second phase, some people sang and others spoke poetry to express themselves. Lastly, we had ramp walking, where students were encouraged to dress whichever they want and confidently walk the ramp while strutting their stuff on stage.


The main goal of this PDA session was to develop their various skills so they could use them to break through various obstacles and make use of their creative, inventive, and unconventional thinking, among other abilities. The ensuing activities were unquestionably enjoyable for the students, and they also provided them with a chance to interact with one another, which is crucial for their growth because socialisation. The expressiveness of a person was shown via dancing. The children were able to show empathy and understanding through stand-up, singing, and poetry. These skills are necessary for success since it is important to understand people's feelings in order to connect with them.

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