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22 Feb 2023|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, India

One Day Industrial Visit to Gracure Pharmaceutical Ltd. Organized by Amity Institute of Pharmacy in collaboration with CRC on 22 February 2023

On March 22, 2023, the Amity Institute of Pharmacy organised a full-day industrial visit to Gracure Pharmaceutical Ltd. with the prime goal of promoting the philosophy of entrepreneurship. The visit was helped organize by Mr. Rajat Gupta, HR Manager, Gracure Pharmaceutical Ltd., who also offered assistance all day.

The complete pharmaceutical production facility was open to the students, who were allowed to see the formulation development department, manufacturing division, packaging division, tablet granulation facility, and capsulation facility. The department representatives that accompanied the students to their specific department and gave them an overview of the facilities and daily activities made the tour highly educational. After that, the students were instructed to make connections between their course material and the actual pharmaceutical industry unit operations. The pharmaceutical industry's career paths, educational requirements, and skill sets needed for employment were also discussed with students by professionals in the field. Gracure drugs were thoroughly discussed by the HR staff in their presentation. They offered a quick overview of the several items that Gracure Pharmaceuticals manufactures, how they obtained an export licence for their product, different business sectors, and the hiring procedure. In order to secure a job quickly, the head of the manufacturing division encouraged students to pursue higher education.


The visit's major goal was to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how the pharmaceutical business operates on a daily basis. to encourage students to work in the pharmaceutical sector after completing their bachelor's degrees and to sensitise them to the numerous standard operating procedures & protocols that are used in industry. The HR manager stated that they are prepared to provide students with summer training internships, therefore the visit was quite successful. The HR staff went into great length about the skill sets they search for in candidates and the range of goods the firm produces. They placed a strong emphasis on developing soft skills and learning about the experimental components of a bachelor's degree programme. Students were urged to participate fully in their practical work.

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