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26 Apr 2023|Gwalior | Amity University Madhya Pradesh


 On 26 April 2023, Amity University Madhya Pradesh hosted its first TEDx event - TEDx AUMP. The event aimed to bring together innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs and experts from various fields to share their ideas and insights on different topics. 

Lt. Gen. V.K. Sharma AVSM Retd. Vice Chancellor AUMP inaugurated the TEDx AUMP 2023. During his speech, Lt. Gen. V.K. Sharma AVSM Retd. emphasized the importance of entrepreneurship in today's world and how it is becoming a key factor for the growth and development of the country. He also shared his views on the key factors of learning among the students, including the need to have a strong foundation of knowledge, a curious and questioning mind and a willingness to take risks and learn from failures. He further highlighted the role of technology and innovation in driving entrepreneurship and urged the students to embrace new technologies and think outside the box to come up with innovative solutions to the challenges of the future.
TEDx AUMP brought together some of the most creative and innovative minds to share their ideas, insights and experiences. The event featured a diverse line-up of speakers including entrepreneurs, social activists and educators.
Mr. Sanjay Maurya, Co-Founder of Ubreathe, delivered a compelling talk on the importance of air purifiers in combatting air pollution at the TEDx AUMP talk. The speech focused on the innovative use of nature-based technology to make air purifiers more effective and affordable. Mr Maurya's talk highlighted the staggering impact of air pollution on human health, with millions of people suffering from respiratory problems and other serious illnesses. He emphasized that air pollution is not just a problem in big cities but affects people across the nation, from rural areas to urban centres. Mr. Maurya concluded his talk by emphasizing the importance of taking action to combat air pollution and to protect human health. "We have the power to make a difference," he said. "Together, we can save lives by ensuring that everyone has access to clean air."
Next up was Mr. Priyank Jain, the Co-Founder of SoupX, who delivered an inspiring talk on "The Leap of Faith" at the TEDxAUMP 2023 event. The talk, which received a standing ovation from the audience, described his personal journey from working in a corporate firm to taking the leap and becoming an entrepreneur. In his speech, Priyank shared his experience of working in the corporate world, where he realized that his job was not fulfilling his passion and purpose. He then decided to take a leap of faith and start his own venture, which eventually led to the creation of SoupX, a successful startup that focuses on providing healthy and sustainable food options. Mr. Priyank's talk highlighted the importance of taking risks and following one's passion. He spoke about the challenges he faced in his entrepreneurial journey, including financial struggles, the pressure to succeed and the fear of failure. However, he emphasized that these challenges were essential for his personal and professional growth.
The final speaker of the day Mr. Darpan Dixit, Director of T.I.M.E. Gwalior, delivered a powerful and inspiring talk on the theme of "HERO" at the prestigious TEDxAUMP 2023 event. The talk was focused on the idea that every person is a hero in their own way. During his talk, Mr. Dixit related his message to the Indian epic Mahabharata, emphasizing that the characters in the story were all heroes in their own unique ways. He also discussed the importance of recognizing and celebrating the heroism in each individual, regardless of their social status, gender, or profession.
"Every person is a hero in their own way," Mr. Dixit said. "It's not just the warriors or the leaders who are heroes, but also the ordinary people who live their lives with integrity and purpose."He went on to explain that being a hero doesn't necessarily mean performing great acts of bravery or heroism. It can also mean living a life of kindness, compassion and empathy and making a positive impact on those around us. The audience was captivated by Mr. Dixit's talk and many were inspired to think differently about what it means to be a hero. His message resonated deeply with the audience and it was clear that his words had a profound impact
The event also featured several interactive activities including a Q&A session with the speakers, TEDx AUMP was a resounding success, inspiring and empowering attendees to drive change in their own communities. 
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