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26 Apr 2023|Gwalior | Amity University Madhya Pradesh

Webinar on Patenting Artificial Intelligence: A Way Forward on the occasion of WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS DAY organized by Amity Law School, Amity University Madhya Pradesh

 General Information:

i.      Date of Event- 26th April, 2023                                    
ii.    Venue-Online:  ZOOM Platform
iii.   Organized by-Amity Law School, Amity University Madhya Pradesh
iv.   Total Participation- 202 Participants, 15 faculties.
v.     Event Coordinator -Ms. Shubhangi Gupta, Faculty, Amity Law School Amity University Madhya Pradesh
vi.   Convener/Host-Maj Gen Rajinder Kumar AVSM SM VSM (Retd), Director, Amity Law School, Amity University Madhya Pradesh, Prof. Dr. Rakhi Singh Chouhan, Deputy Director, Amity Law School, Amity University Madhya Pradesh
Details of Expert/Speaker
i.      Country: India
ii.    Expert’s Name: Dr. Victor Vaibhav Tandon
iii.   Organization: Saikrishna & Associates, New Delhi
iv.   Designation: Advocate & Patent Agent, Saikrishna & Associates
v.     Specialization: Patent law, drug laws, and biodiversity law, including Indian Bolar provision, foreign filing licenses and issues relating to injunction proceedings as well as post grant opposition and revocation strategies.
Brief Profile of the Guest Speaker- The guest speaker for the session was Dr. Victor Vaibhav Tandon (academician turned Lawyer), Victor is an academician turned lawyer and is part of the team dealing with Standard Essential Patents (SEPs), pharmaceutical, chemical, ICT and mechanical patent litigation at the firm. He has been part of team of lawyers involved in the landmark judgments of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, including those pertaining to confidentiality clubs in SEP litigations and the grant of first ever Anti-Anti Suit Injunction (AASI) in India in patent matters, as well as litigation pertaining to genus-specie patents within the pharmaceutical and chemical patents space. Victor has also extensively worked with FRAND/ economic experts in context of our SEP litigation practice. He has also been involved in several mediation proceedings relating to patent disputes at High Court of Delhi.
Report of the Session- On the occasion of World Intellectual Property Rights Day, Amity Law School in alliance with Institution’s Innovation Council, Amity University Madhya Pradesh had organized a webinar exclusively for the students and faculty of Amity University Gwalior on "Patenting Artificial Intelligence: A Way Forward" on 26th April, 2023. The guest speaker for the session was Dr. Victor Vaibhav Tandon (academician turned Lawyer), who lucidly explained the different aspects of Patenting AI and tapped on the topics like Role of humans in AI applications; Patents over AI/AI based innovations in India; Use of AI in patent prosecution and IP landscaping; AI’s role as a patent inventor and Position of different countries regarding the same etc. The session provided various useful insights into the world of intellectual property rights which invoked curiosity in the minds of the students pertaining to the said topic.
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