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29 Aug 2023|Gurgaon (Manesar) | Amity University, Haryana

“Mission Green”: a Plantation drive organized by ASEES and Horticulture department on 29th August, 2023

The Amity School of Earth and Environmental Sciences along with the Horticulture Department of Amity University Gurugram organized a plantation drive in the college campus, on 29 August, 2023. Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr Prof P. B. Sharma and Maj Gen G. S. Bal, Dean of Student Welfare, along with all the Head of Institutions and Head of Departments had graced the occasion with their presence. The event was been coordinated by Prof. I.S. Thakur, Director, ASEES.

Honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr Prof P. B. Sharma’s speech on Sustainable Development Goals demonstrated knowledge about ways to protect the earth and its resources, and inculcated moral values in the young generation. Moreover, he highlighted the importance and benefits of environmental in our daily life. Maj Gen G. S. Bal, Dean of Student Welfare, enlightened the students through his speech about the work of done by the country’s army men for protecting the environment. Prof. I.S. Thakur, Director, ASEES, who was also the chief coordinator of the event, expressed his concerns for environmental restoration, use of Green Energy, and environmental conservation. Students and faculty members participated in the very large number, by planting more than 150 saplings throughout the college campus.

In conclusion, the primary intend, to spread awareness about sustainable development and environmental concerns, was been successfully met during the plantation drive. The students and faculty members planted variety of native plant species including Neem, Papri, Alstonia (Chitvan) and Jamun. The event connected many nature enthusiasts and encouraged the students to engage in more such drives in the future.

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