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05 Sep 2023|Gurgaon (Manesar) | District Court, Gurugram

A visit to the District Court, Gurugram organised by ALS

 Amity Law School, Amity University Gurugram organised a visit to the District Court, Gurugram for the freshmen, as a part of the student training program, on 5th September, 2023. The event was been coordinated by Dr. Shiv Raman and Mr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey. The students got a first- hand experience of the courtroom proceedings and decorum, which enhanced the practical understanding of the legal system.

Students got a better understanding of the various court hearings, including civil, criminal, and family law cases, and witnessed the presentation of evidence testimonies, and legal arguments by attorneys. They engaged in discussions about the legal profession, the importance of court decorum, and the challenges faced by legal practitioners. A total of 40 students and 2 faculty members participated in the event.

In conclusion, the court visit was a valuable educational experience, which provided students with the opportunity to observe the legal system in action, as well as interact with legal professionals. This hands-on experience would contribute to the overall legal education and future career of the students in this field.

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