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05 Sep 2023|Mohali | Amity University Punjab

Teachers' Day Celebration at Amity University Punjab, Mohali

Amidst the spirit of gratitude and appreciation, the students and faculty of Amity University Punjab came together to celebrate Teachers' Day in a truly memorable way.

The campus was buzzing with excitement as everyone joined in the festivities, making it a day to remember.

The day kicked off with energetic danceperformances that had everyone tapping their feet and celebrating the joy of learning together. Music filled the air as students and teachers joined forces for a fun jamming session, showcasing their musical talents and creating a harmonious atmosphere of unity. No celebration is complete without a delicious cake! The cake cutting ceremony was a sweet moment of togetherness, symbolizing the bond between teachers and students. Memories were captured in every click as students and teachers came together for a fun photoshoot. Laughter and smiles were in abundance as they posed for memorable snapshots.

It was a day filled with gratitude, appreciation, and the joy of learning. Teachers' Day at Amity University Punjab was a testament to the strong and nurturing relationship between the teachers and their students.

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