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04 Sep 2023|Gurgaon (Manesar) | D Block Auditorium

An expert talk on Strengthening Online Security organised by the Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Education, ASET and Academic Staff College

Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Education, Amity School of Engineering and Technology and Academic Staff College, Amity University Gurugram, organised an expert talk on the topic ‘Strengthening Online Safety: Nurturing Cyber Security awareness among the youth”, on 04th September, 2023.

The event was a part of the initiative to launch the Cyber Security and Coders Club. Col Inderjeet Singh, Chief Cyber Officer at Vara Technology Pvt Ltd, and a renowned expert in the cyber security field was present as the expert speaker in the program.                During the talk, Col Inderjeet Singh provided invaluable insights and guidance on implementing measures to ensure a secure online experience for the younger generation. The talk was designed to empower participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the digital world securely. A total of 120 students and 3 faculty members participated in the event.

The program also highlighted the rising cyber-crime rates in Delhi, and various other forms of online scams like credit card and financial data theft, medical data breaches, insurance fraud, identity theft, and the exploitation of computer resources for activities like crypto mining and spamming. . The significance of online privacy and security in the age of social media was being emphasized. Additionally, the talk had shed light on the thriving fake profile marketplaces online, emphasizing the importance of being cautious about digital footprints left behind on social media platforms.

In conclusion, the program enlightened the students about internet privacy and best practices for mobile security hygiene. Overall, the expert talk served as a valuable resource for enhancing cyber security awareness among the youth and equipping them with the knowledge needed to protect themselves in the digital world. 

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