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04 Sep 2023|Gurgaon (Manesar) | B Block Auditorium

A Film Screening and Expert Talk organised by ASCO

 Amity School of Communication, Amity University Gurugram organised a film screening and expert talk, with the theme being “Film Making: Journeys and Formats”, on 4th September, 2023. The program was been coordinated by Dr Amit Chawla, Assistant Professor, ASCO.

Internationally acclaimed filmmakers Mr. Saumitra Singh and Ms Nathalia Syam, who have made several award winning feature and documentary, were present as the expert speakers in the event The documentary film titled ‘No Water Land’ made by Mr Saumitra Singh is a film based on the water crisis and achieved solutions. Ms Nathalia Syam who is an Indian born, UK based film maker compared the process of film making in India vs in UK. She also gave an insight about working on feature films and with renowned actors of the film industry. A total of 67 students and 7 faculty members participated in the event.     

In conclusion, the film screening and expert talk was a wonderful success, where the speakers gave an insight to the students, in the production process of documentary filmmaking, along with sensitizing them towards the water related problems and how indirectly it is affecting the lives of young girls in rural India.

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