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28 Aug 2023|Gurgaon (Manesar) | IUAC, New Delhi

Educational visit to the IUAC, New Delhi Organized by the Department of Physics, Amity School of Applied Sciences on 28th August, 2023

 On the 28th of August 2023, the Department of Physics at Amity School of Applied Sciences organized an insightful Educational Visit titled "Educational Visit to the IUAC, New Delhi." This institutional-level event aimed to provide an enriching experience for M.Sc. AP Semester III students and was held at the IUAC, New Delhi. The event was coordinated by Dr. C. Shekhar, Associate Professor, ASAS, AUH, and Dr. Ayana Bhaduri, Assistant Professor, ASAS, AUH.

The primary objectives of this research lab visit were to familiarize students with advanced experimental techniques aligned with their coursework, offer exposure to diverse research areas, and inspire them to consider research as a potential career path. The visit consisted of two key components. First, Dr. S. Ohja, Scientist-G at IUAC, delivered an informative presentation on the "Pelletron accelerator facility at IUAC," outlining the significance and applications of ion generation and providing a comprehensive overview of the various accelerators on campus. Second, students had the opportunity to explore IUAC's lab facilities, including the Gamma-ray detector, neutron instrumentation, in situ X-ray diffraction facility, Linac accelerator, and pelletron control center. This hands-on experience allowed students to grasp the working principles and operational aspects of these instruments, serving as a source of inspiration for their future endeavors in research. 

In conclusion, the "Educational Visit to the IUAC, New Delhi" provided M.Sc. AP Semester III students with valuable insights into cutting-edge research instrumentation and work culture at IUAC. The event successfully achieved its objectives of fostering an appreciation for research and its potential as a career among the students. It was an enriching experience that will undoubtedly contribute to their academic and professional growth in the field of applied physics.

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