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14 Sep 2023|Jaipur | Seminar Hall, II Floor, A- Block, Amity University Rajasthan

Hindi Diwas Celebration

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, the department organized Nibandh Pratiyogita & Kavya Path Pratiyogita for the students of AUR to create awareness about the language and celebrate the event when it was adopted as one of India's official languages. Students’ active participation was witnessed wherein 39 and 25 students participated in Nibandh Pratiyogita and Kavya Path Pratiyogita respectively. On the topic Events students expressed their views in writing whereas self-composed poems as well as renowned poets’ creations were recited covering a range of topics viz. ‘Maa’, ‘Bachpan’, ‘Dharma’, ‘Patriotism’, etc.  The judges announced the names of the top three winners and distributed certificates to them. The celebration created a zeal among students to respect and love their language and ended with an oath to promote it.

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