My Dearest & Most Dynamic Alumni

"It's my dream and mission to see that India becomes a knowledge superpower by 2030"

The development of any Nation largely depends on its youth. Only the youth, imbibed and nurtured with the perfect amalgamation of World Class Teaching Practices and Sanskars will be the one who owns an ability to lead masses, move forward on the path of success and leave their footprints for others to follow.

Today, Amity is known for producing graduates that are intelligent, innovative, and effective in their fields of career. Amity has embossed its name at almost every part of the world in the form of its Alumni. The uniqueness of Amity Alumni can be seen in every initiative they take. Whatever they do, they do it differently with an assurance to obtain preferred outcomes.

The fact that our alumni are working in the best companies across the world is a matter of huge gratification for us. It is indeed a testament to our extremely talented faculty who inculcated the spirit of dedication, sincerity and loyalty in each and every Alumni of Amity. I am confident that the untiring efforts of our Alumni and their high powered spirit of innovation and implementation will take our great nation to greater heights.

Alumni play a very significant role in determining the future and continued development of an Institution. Alumni are the valued ambassadors for their alma maters in the industry. Amity Alumni Association is indeed an opportunity for your university to establish a strong association with its alumni. There are many unrevealed avenues of learning and discussions which we look forward to deliberate and utilize the real time experiences of our Alumni.

My Best wishes are with you!


Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan
Founder President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation
(The Foundation of Amity Institutions and the sponsoring body of Amity Universe)
Chairman, AKC Group of Companies


Dr Atul Chauhan
Chancellor, Amity University
President, Ritnand Balved Education Foundation
CEO, AKC Group of Companies

Dear Alumni,

Amity in the Industry is regarded to produce only thorough professionals, the leaders, who possess an intrinsic characteristic to bring changes in the life of millions through the world class education, behavioral aspects and the ethics imbibed in them during their academic journey at Amity. Amity University has been a forerunner in recognizing the needs of the industry and integrating knowledge with professional inputs.

Amity University is the single largest education provider in India and is firmly focused in preparing the youth to face modern day challenges of today and help them to be a responsible citizen of the country. Amity’s primary commitment is to find the true potential of our students and equip them for the future, by providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and values. We achieve this goal through our unrelenting efforts to enhance Quality in Education, Research, and Diversity in our campus. The curriculum at Amity University reflects this diversified educational approach, as does the intellectual capital of its faculty that is dedicated to fulfilling the above mission.

With more than 2,00,000 alumni living in every part of the world, Amity group has earned a reputation for excellence and leadership. We truly believe that while the Amitian experience begins on campus but is enjoyed for the rest of one's life. The Alumni Association plays a major role in building long lasting relationships and creating camaraderie amongst a global community.

It is the best way to stay connected with alma mater and re-establish bonding with the batch-mates. Our Alumni are the perfect role model for existing students of Amity Universities. I am confident that the legacy earned by Alumni of Amity University will be cherished and enjoyed by your juniors over the years to come.

Wishing Good Luck!

My Dear Alumni,

It gives us immense pleasure to have a continued and active relationship with you. We at Amity are extremely confident that you are progressing well in your career and earning laurels for yourself as well as for your nation, parents, and alma mater.

You are in the league of 2,00,000 plus successful Alumni members working in various premier organizations in almost every part of the globe. We feel delighted to experience the advancements of our Alumni in the fields of their respective professions. With the untiring efforts of our Alumni, we are being recognized across the globe and the existing students of Amity are enjoying the inheritance that their Alumni have netted for them and their Alma Mater. If you have not visited your university campus recently, I cordially invite you to visit and witness some of our newest developments and rejuvenate your golden college days. I am sure you would be delighted to observe the progression of your Alma Mater.

As our alumni, you are a great resource for the University. One of our goals is to preserve a mutually beneficial, enduring relationship with our Alumni. Here at Amity Alumni Association (AAA), we connect you and your fellow graduates with a wealth of networking opportunities, professional development resources, career enhancement modules, lateral hiring opportunities, and more. AAA has allowed you to build and expand your Amity Network, reconnect with batchmates, mentor your juniors, engage in lifelong learning, and most importantly keep yourself updated about the happenings at your Amity University. Simultaneously, it also empowers us to receive frequent updates and the wellbeing of our Alumni.

There is no humanity without solidarity, therefore, we look forward to remaining associated with you, serving you and together upholding the values of the university to make this world a better place for our generations to come. You may no longer be a student, but Amity and the AAA will always be here for you. Remember, Amity’s alumni community is your community.

I encourage you to explore all that we have to offer to stay connected and make yourself and Amity stronger. I wish you good luck in all your future endeavors and pray that you achieve great success in your personal and professional life ahead.

My best wishes are with you!

Stay Safe and Healthy!


Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla
Vice Chancellor
Professor – Entrepreneurship, Leadership & IT
Amity University Uttar Pradesh
Sr. Vice President, RBEF

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