Alumni Speaks

Ms. Mansi Arora
Chief Human Resources Officer GetBoarded Technologies Lda 3CMBA, Class of 2010, AIBS, Noida

Describe your career journey and your current role.

My career has been fueled by my intense passion and continuous hard work. Upon obtaining my Human Resource Management degree, I initiated my career as an HR Assistant in a mid-sized technology firm, accumulating practical expertise across recruitment, onboarding, and employee relations. From the very beginning, I was committed to improving organizations through sound management of their forces. This commitment took me where I am today - the Chief Human Resources Officer at GetBoarded Technologies Lda.

Over the years, I have worked hard to gain knowledge and experience that helped me reach this leadership position. The way I look at my work was shaped by insights from various industries. Now as CHRO at GetBoarded Technologies Lda, it’s my job to develop strategies and align our team with company goals including creating a positive working environment, finding, and bringing in the right talent, and retaining them by making sure employees' well-being and careers are well aligned. My journey has been defined by dedication and a strong work ethic, and it has led me to this important role.

What are some of your key achievements in your illustrious career journey?

Owing to time, I achieved important milestones which form testimonials to my own parched commitment towards excellence:

  • Global Appraisal: In New York while in my MBA, Course Director commended me for delivering the best presentation in the entire batch symbolizing international recognition of my abilities.
  • Ranking: I've been positioned at the 23rd spot by Trade Flock Magazine in their list of the top 50 Women Leaders in India for the year 2023.
  • Panelist and Alumni Recognition: On behalf of AMITY University, I was selected as a panelist – representing the illustrious Amity Alumni.
  • EICC Audit Success and Policy Implementation: Played a lead role in clearing EICC audit of a Cyber Security company with high scores, indicating strong commitment to policy implementation and adherence to standards, within the 8 months span of my joining the organization.
  • Collaboration and Strategic Leadership: I have successfully teamed up with departments and divisions to drive growth and profitability by implementing initiatives for human resources.
  • Organizational Setup and Project Management: I have led the establishment of organizations from the ground up showcasing project management skills.
  • Talent Acquisition and Management: I have achieved recruitment through hiring portals managed recruitment agencies and established comprehensive recruitment cycles for organizations.
  • Employee Lifecycle Management: I possess expertise in managing the employee lifecycle, including onboarding, induction, performance management, attrition management, exit interviews and off boarding processes.
  • Digitization of HR Processes and Compliance: I have successfully digitized HR processes while ensuring compliance with regulations and laws.

Describe your AMITY journey. What made you choose the University, and how did it fulfill your learning aspirations?

My experience at AMITY University was both enlightening and transformative, effectively fulfilling my goals for personal growth and learning. The choice to enroll in AMITY for my MBA was primarily influenced by the university's esteemed reputation in offering a comprehensive curriculum centered around industry needs.

Central to my decision was AMITY's distinguished dedication to delivering top-tier education. The institution's emphasis on hands-on application, case studies, and real-world simulations went beyond mere textbook learning, thoroughly equipping me to confront the intricate challenges of the professional sphere.

AMITY University not only laid a solid educational groundwork but also fostered my individual development and potential for leadership. The curriculum's industry alignment, interactive learning milieu, and abundant avenues for advancement collectively acted as indispensable catalysts during my AMITY MBA journey, propelling me toward the realization of my capacities as a prospective leader within the business domain.

A message or a success mantra you would like to give your current Amitians.

The road ahead is uncertain, urging us to remain prepared.

Success isn't a fixed point; it's an ongoing expedition demanding commitment, persistence, and a zeal for learning. Embrace challenges as chances to evolve and remember that setbacks serve as steppingstones towards triumph.

Trust in your capabilities and relentlessly pursue excellence. Your journey at Amity University is molding you into the leaders and solvers of tomorrow. Keep your aspirations alive, toil diligently, and leave a positive imprint on the world. Your potential knows no bounds, and today's efforts will illuminate a brighter future. Wishing you the best of luck.

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